Welcome to 2015

Last year we discovered that some major changes were needed to improve our services and keep up with the increasing costs associated with running a business. That meant making a lot of difficult decisions about bookings, pricing and staff. Much like our students, sometimes we feel like business is just too hard, and we feel like giving up. It's so easy to lose confidence in who you are, and start thinking that what you're doing doesn't really matter to anyone.

But we have a relentless hope for Five Tuition because we have a relentless hope in young people. Our team of staff are a talented, committed, diverse group of individuals. Just like us, they're learning; but they're learning quickly. In being a part of Five Tuition you're not just helping to educate your children, you're also helping to create a unique environment where students, tutors, receptionists, and business owners can learn how to work together to make something amazing happen; something that, we hope, gives hope to the world. Thanks for being a part of what we're all doing.

Peter and Linda Hanley
Founding Directors