Where are they now? Hanna Tran

What happens to tutors when they move on from Five Tuition? This week I asked Hanna Tran, one of our ex-tutors from Point Cook, what she's been up to lately. With honesty and humour, Hanna shares some of the successes and struggles she's experienced since graduating from Uni. We're really proud of you Hanna!

What have you been up to since you finished work at Five?

I worked casually at Roy Morgan Research for about a year, graduated from Uni (Commerce) then hopped straight to full-time work in a real-estate/property development group – Oliver Hume.

What have you learnt since being involved in the workforce?

HEAPS! I learnt that it’s OK to admit that you’ve made a mistake in a project or task. Nobody’s perfect, even the top executives still make mistakes. I’ve also learnt not to assume that I know/understand something, and that it’s best to ask questions..and to keep asking questions even twice, five times, or how many times it takes for it to click in your head...and that there is no such thing as a “stupid” question. People are there to help you.

In hindsight, was there any point learning algebra?

Yes. Though the benefits of algebra weren’t obvious to me at first. Algebra is about “solving for x”, by manipulating and experimenting with known variables given to me. This is analogous to, say, solving a problem or making a decision when your boss or supervisor isn’t around. Eg. I don’t know what to do sometimes to reach “x conclusion”, but if I consult the right resources and the information I already know, I can make a decision and “solve for x” in their absence. So yes, I’d say algebra taught me problem-solving skills. Therefore, it was useful.

I’ve also learnt not to assume that I know/understand something, and that it’s best to ask questions.

What do you do to keep fit and healthy?

I’ve never been to the gym (LOL). I do cardio 4 times a week for 40 mins-75 mins each session. I swim, do a bit of karate, cycle and now I’m going to get back into running.

How do you balance work, family and recreation?

I’m struggling to be honest! Family/friends/recreation/entertainment is reserved for weekends, and the few hours I have after work each day (unless I work overtime). I try to do that without losing my 8 hours sleep each night. Think I’m averaging 6-6.5 hours sleep right now so clearly I still need to find that balance! Getting there!

If you could teach one thing to every student in Melbourne’s west, knowing they would completely learn it, what would you teach them?

The best way to learn is to figure out how things make sense to you. Eg. No copy and paste!

Academically, I’d teach them to always put everything (notes, instructions) into their own words so that it makes sense to them. The best way to learn is to figure out how things make sense to you. Eg. No copy and paste!

If I could teach them a general message, it’d be to let your light shine. I think sometimes I’m guilty of focusing on what I don’t have, rather than what I do have and it makes me insecure..but when I focus on my “light” – the  strengths and qualities I like in myself - I perform and behave to my maximum potential. So kiddies, let your light shine!

Imagine you, a martial arts black belt, are walking at night with your weak and skinny boyfriend and a group of thugs approach you with evil intent. Which boyfriend would you prefer?

a). One who stands in front of you saying, "over my dead body", and gets beaten up before you beat the thugs up;

b). One who stands behind you saying, "my girlfriend has a black belt", and stays safe whilst you beat the thugs up.

Good question! That’s a tough one. I like being the protected one in the relationship, not the protective one (gender stereotypes, right?) Haha. I’m old-fashioned and believe the male should always play his part and be the “alpha” figure in the relationship, regardless of how tough, confident or self-assured his girlfriend is. But I, the girlfriend will also have to play my part and support him emotionally, and step in physically when he’s lost the first battle with those thugs! *rolls up sleeves*

How do you feel about Australian politics?

I’m going to sound like a typical Australian 21 year-old and say that I don’t closely follow Australian politics! Unless it’s made breaking news in the morning or in the MX. What I know though, is that Australian politics is just a tangled web of broken promises and lies. Eg. Julia Gillard’s infamous “there will be no carbon tax under my leadership” promise. I’m not opposed to the carbon tax but I’m opposed to the leader of our country lying to us about a matter that drastically affects our everyday lives in the future. I know this was years ago.. but still! I don’t know if you can trust politicians these days haha

If you had $ 1 billion AUD, what would you do with it?

1 billion?? Nice :D I’d like to buy myself and my parents a very luxurious apartment or home. Save the rest in savings, go on the holiday or Fiji, New York or Hong Kong. And spend the rest on shopping. I saw these really nice jellie sandals the other day.

For more great ideas about how to spend your money, go to www.givewell.org. :P

If you spent 5 days on a boat and could only bring 5 things, what would they be?

I’d bring sunscreen, and endless supply of fruit, an endless supply of chocolate Big Ms, my bestie Joycy and a music stereo so we can dance like clowns for 5 days!

Interview by Peter Hanley
Founding Director of Five Tuition