Like getting feedback?
We're in the same boat

It's hard to grow unless you receive feedback. The best sort of feedback is humble, honest, hopeful, and helpful. That's the sort of feedback we try to give our students. Now it's your turn!

Here's a BAD example of feedback:

"I've been working in business for 20 years, so let me tell you how to run your business (arrogant). Your tutors aren't supposed to look like they're dressed to go clubbing (rude honesty). Five is going down unless you do something about this. Maybe it's already too late - heaps of students are leaving because of this (unhopeful). I mean, it's not that hard to buy uniforms! (Unhelpful)."

Here's a GOOD example of feedback:

"You've probably thought more about this than I have (humble), but I really think all of the tutors should wear yellow uniforms because they sometimes look unprofessional (gentle honesty), and as Five grows I think your corporate image will be important (hopeful). I know a few companies that provide company t-shirts if you're interested (helpful)."

Notice the difference? You can apply these principles whenever you give feedback to others, whether it's your friends, your children, your colleagues, your teachers, or your parents. The key to learning is the relationship between teacher and student, and these principles help to form a relationship conducive to learning. They convert the information into a format that others can receive, without rousing defence.

So please take the time now to teach us how we can do a better job.

Tell us about your experience of Five, things you've liked, things you'd like to see changed, someone you'd like to thank - anything!
Feel free to make one up, or leave it blank if you want to remain anonymous.