Five in a Nutshell

Five provides after-school tutoring to students from Prep to Year 12 in a variety of subjects.

Five works very much like private 'one on one' tuition, with the difference being that it operates in small groups of no more than FIVE students. Five is designed to be student-focused in its approach. In other words, we help students with whatever they need and/or want help with, which might include catching up with schoolwork, learning concepts in advance, exam preparation, NAPLAN, or scholarship tests. As a result, the approach we take with each student is unique. The resources that we use also vary in accordance to each student's particular needs.

Five is also family-oriented. We know that family life is busy, so our timetable is flexible and we regularly open new classes to match family schedules. Siblings are also able to attend Five at the same time, so you don't need to make separate trips to Five for each of your children.

Five aims to flexibly meet the needs of students and families, so that students have all of the support they need to thrive at school.

Why 'Five'?

We're called FIVE Tuition because we provide individual tutoring in groups of no more than FIVE students. Having no more than five students ensures that each student receives enough instruction and attention, yet has enough time to try things on their own without feeling as though they're wasting their tutor's time or being constantly watched. Having up to five students in a group also reduces the cost of tuition so that students can receive routine weekly help and build a relationship of trust with their tutor over time.

Five's Approach to learning


At Five we think it's just as important to develop character as it is to be competent. At Five we emphasise humility, helpfulness, honesty and hope. We strive to humbly get beside students as equals, help them as much as we can, be honest with them about their strengths and weaknesses (and our own), and always have hope for them. These values drive our approach to learning.

Foundational Methods

Students need to understand foundational concepts in order to develop the confidence and competence necessary to move on to more complex topics.


School is an friendly environment, and students sometimes fall behind simply because they feel overwhelmed by the social environment at school and don't feel confident enough to get the attention of a teacher. Five provides the one-on-one attention that helps introverted students thrive, whilst also providing enough social engagement for extraverts to feel stimulated.


Five's tutors provide an example of well-rounded, hard-working young adults who are striving to make a difference in the world. At Five, we strive to provide leadership in all areas of life in order to inspire students toward bigger and better things.

Learning Environments

No one likes working in a cramped, ugly room, so we've created spacious, bright, attractive learning environments where students feel comfortable and motivated.