Start the Boats!

This year we're launching the #FiveBoat campaign. We think it's a good metaphor for what Five does. We help students get to wherever they want to go, keep them from drowning in homework and set them up to sail through school rather than just floating...or sinking!

"Sink or swim" is the usual metaphor for school. The problem with that metaphor is that it tells students that success is entirely up to them. The message is that you need to swim harder or you'll drown. But anyone who succeeds in life does so not merely by working hard, but also by receiving leadership and help from others. Sometimes the problem isn't that we're swimming too slowly, but that we're swimming in the wrong direction; or around in circles!

Five is here to help get students back on course, and be there for them over the long haul so that they arrive at their destination and don't give up along the way.

Want to help us encourage students? Then leave a message on our Boat page, and and tell other students about the boat you're in!